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Dreams to Reality Virtual Training Program

 If you're looking to take your fitness goals to the next level you've come to the right place. Collectively, Visionary has given over 3,000 individuals programs that have drastically transformed all aspects of their lives. During your transformation, you will be working closely with our trainer KG to maximize your progress and efficiency. You will have access to free weekly calls, free rewards such as stringers, shirts, & hoodies, weekly motivational texts, and much more. This program is split into 3 phases (Stabilization, Endurance, and Hypertrophy), below you will find all of the content that will be included in the 24 weeks.


5 workouts per week. Cardio every workout 15 min or 30 min depending on intensity. Each workout will be tracked with “trainerize” (keep them accountable and I will be able to track progress to make sure they’re on right path)

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