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How can I request my payout?
To request your payout please go into your portal and click the “request payout” button 
How quickly will I receive my ambassador payout?
Please allow 5-7 business days for your payout to appear in your PayPal account
How quickly will I receive my ambassador rewards?
Once you have emailed and received a confirmation email from us stating that you have qualified to redeem your rewards, allow 3-4 business days for processing time along with 5-7 business days for shipping. 
How can I track my commissions?
To track your commissions, please go to your ambassador portal and click the commissions tab. 
How can I sign up for Visionary’s ambassador program?
To sign up for our ambassador program, please visit our ambassador tab on our website or reach out to us on Instagram.
How do I claim my ambassador rewards?
To claim your ambassador rewards, please email with the heading being REWARDS REQUEST and a screen shot of your earnings/code uses. Once reviewed, we will ship out your free items and payout any due commissions. 
How quickly will I receive my ambassador payout?
You should receive your ambassador payout within 5-7 business days after it is requested.
Do I have to buy clothes to be an ambassador?
No! You do not need to purchase clothes to be an ambassador for us. Something as simple as getting code uses, sharing our message and products with family or friends, or even posting content is all we ask. Once you get 3 separate code uses, you will be eligible for your free items too!
Can I represent other clothing brands while being an ambassador?
Yes, we do not have a problem with you representing other clothing brands while being a visionary ambassador. 
Where can I find the ambassador tiers?
You can find our ambassador tiers on our website under the ambassador tab.
How many rewards can I claim per period?
You are able to unlock 1 reward per period.
What are the time limits for me to request a payout/reward?
Your payout/rewards will reset the 15th of every other even month. 
How will I receive my payout?
You will receive your payout through the PayPal email you sign up with.
I live in another country, can I still be an ambassador?
Yes! We have many international ambassadors and would love to welcome you on to our team!