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Visionary Fitness is a fitness apparel and lifestyle brand supported by tens of thousands actively engaged followers and customers worldwide.


Created in the small town of Northborough MA in 2021 by 17 year old Dylan Torpey and his group of friends. During a late night gym session, Dylan decided he wanted to use his 100lb weight loss transformation to inspire as many people as possible.  At this moment, Visionary was born. Visionary Fitness aims to inspire and empower those who have, or are looking to transform their lives. This movement serves as a community to those who are looking to turn their dreams into reality. 


It all starts with a vision.

Your current reality is a direct response of your daily thoughts.

We, through our own stories, aim to show you your true potential.

What is possible is only limited to what you can dream, dream big.


Dylan Torpey - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jason Vanni - Co-Owner